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Copying mysql databases from one computer to another

I want to copy my mysql database from my computer to another computer. How can I do this?

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How to copy Mysql databse from one Computer to another / backup database using mysqldump

  1. We can take backup of MySQL database by using musqldump.

  2. We can transfer a MySQL database from one PC to another PC using mysqldump command.

  3. We have to create dump file of database to transfer database from one PC to another PC.

  4. MySQL databse is not portable database i.e. we cannot transfer it from one PC to another PC by copying and pasting it.

  5. We can use following method to transfer database.

  6. Creating a dumpfile from database/ Taking backup of MySQL database:

  7. Open command prompt.

  8. Execute following commands to change directory

    c: “press enter”

    cd program files/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.1/ bin “press enter”

    mysqldump -u root -p databse_name > database_name.sql “press enter”

    Enter password: password of MySQL

Copy sql file and paste it in PC where you want to transfer database.

      2. Dumping sql file into database:-

      - Open MySQL  command line client command prompt.

      - Execute following command to create database.

create database database_name;

“press enter” Database name is must as that of your database _name.

Copy that sql file into location “c:/program files/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.1/bin”

      *- Now open command prompt and execute following commands.*

        >C: “press enter”

        >cd program files/MySQL/MySQL Server5.1/bin “press enter”

        >mysql –u root –p database_name < database_name.sql “press enter”

        Your database is created on PC.

        Now in MySQL command prompt check your database.  

Another one:1

This best and the easy way is to use a db tools(SQLyog)


With this tools you can connect the 2 databases servers and just copy one database on server a to server b.

For more info

http://faq.webyog.com/content/12/32/en/mysql-5-objects-are-greyed-out-in-copy-db-to-other-host-dialogue.htmlenter image description here

look here

Another one:2

Try something like this:

mysqldump -u root -p lbry > dump-lbry.sql

Then to import it:

mysql -u root -p < dump-lbry.sql