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iOS Question

Can I set a specific “Release Date” after my app is approved by Apple?

I have been developing an app for one of my client and I had submitted the app and got it approved. When I was submitting the app binary, the client was not sure about the release date so I chose to manually release the version. Now the client wants it on a specific date and time which I think I might miss because the timezone the app has to be launched in will most probably be my sleeping time.

The app has been approved by Apple and current status on the iTunes Connect is

Pending Developer Release
, can I now schedule this app to launch on a particular date and time?

Answer Source

I think this is not yet a feature on iTunes Connect. What I wanted was to schedule the release date for the app after the app was approved by Apple and my app status was Pending Developer Release.

Setting a scheduled release date can ONLY be done before app is submitted for review.

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