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Windows custom git commands

Say I want a new git command, git new, that makes a new branch that is up to date with origin/master.

Is there a way I can make this script and have it available in all repositories on Windows from powershell?

edit: To clarify I want a git script not a powershell function. The only reason I mentioned powershell is because I don't use git bash.

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Create a batch file that contains the following commands:

git branch %1 origin/master
git checkout %1

Save it, let's say, as C:\Scripts\new-branch.cmd. (I never worked with PowerShell, I don't know its rules. However, it should work as well using the old Windows Command Prompt).

Test the batch file works as expected by running:

C:\Scripts\new-branch.cmd test1

It should output something along these lines:

Branch test1 set up to track remote branch master from origin by rebasing.
Switched to branch 'test1'
Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/master'.

If you don't need the new branch to track the remote branch then you just add --no-track to the git branch command.

If everything goes well then run:

git config --global '!C:/Scripts/new-branch.cmd'

This makes the Git alias new available to your Windows profile in all repositories. If you need it only in one repository then remove --global and run the command when the current directory is in the repository where you need it.

Use it as:

git new test2
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