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A listener for changing variable in android

I have a variable in my class , I want when that variable changed , I do an action in another class .
in fact I want a listener for changing variable in android (my variable may change every minute)

public class Connect {
public static boolean myBoolean;
//some actions do and myBoolean change

public class Selection extends Activity implements OnMenuItemClickListener{

//I want a thing like listener here ,when myboolean changed I do an action (myboolean may change every minute)


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It's not possible directly. However, you can make your field private, add getters and setters, and create a method of adding listeners (this is called the Observer pattern):

interface ConnectionBooleanChangedListener {
    public void OnMyBooleanChanged();

public class Connect { 
     private static boolean myBoolean;
     private static List<ConnectionBooleanChangedListener> listeners = new ArrayList<ConnectionBooleanChangedListener>();

     public static boolean getMyBoolean() { return myBoolean; }

     public static void setMyBoolean(boolean value) {
         myBoolean = value;

         for (ConnectionBooleanChangedListener l : listeners) {

     public static addMyBooleanListener(ConnectionBooleanChangedListener l) {

Then, wherever you want to listen to changes of the boolean, you can register a listener:

Connect.addMyBooleanListener(new ConnectionBooleanChangedListener() {
    public void OnMyBooleanChanged() {
        // do something

Adding a method to remove listeners is left as an exercise. Obviously, for this to work, you need to make sure that myBoolean is only changed via setMyBoolean, even inside of Connect.