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How to set in meteor --mobile-server when using nginx

I have on digitalocean my meteor application running but when I try and test on my iphone the app I am not able to see the login screen.

I don't think it's version dependent and I therefore do not list them. I am happy to provide all the config files if this helps but want to make sure that I am not missing anything conceptually.

My setup is that on my digitalocean (not real URL: server I run the meteor app and the app works fine at the URL. The meteor application has been deployed a while back and is a different release from what I am testing now locally. Source code is quite similar though and it never worked on the iphone. nginx is used to forward the URL domain to


Here is the issue now:
I run from my local mac:

meteor run ios-device --mobile-server

and run from xcode on the simulator or my iphone and get the attached screenshot. You can see that there is no login prompt which I believe is caused that I do not connect to the server on digitalocean.

iPhone with missing login prompt

It's a also surprising that with the command meteor runs on localhost:3000 as well. But it's probably not the issue.

The way it should look is the below which is taken from the web page:

web page with login prompt

Thanks already in advance for any responses.

Answer Source

This is resolved. Using Safari as a debugger I noticed that the connection to the server failed due to a non AC SSL certificate. So, after I fixed the SSL certificates it does connect now.

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