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How to pass date information to AppleScript?

I am making one app that can run AppleScript via NSAppleScript.
Everything had been fine but I haven't been able to figure out how to pass date information from my app to AppleScript. (Since AppleScript has date type, I suppose this is possible)
The way I pass parameters to AppleScript is through NSAppleEventDescriptor. I learned from Google that I could pass it as typeLongDateTime type:

- (id)initWithDate:(NSDate *)date {
LongDateTime ldt;
UCConvertCFAbsoluteTimeToLongDateTime(CFDateGetAbsoluteTime((CFDateRef)date), &ldt);
return [self initWithDescriptorType:typeLongDateTime

Unfortunately, the type LongDateTime had long gone, because I am using Swift and under OS X 10.10. Even the Core Services function UCConvertCFAbsoluteTimeToLongDateTime has already been removed from 10.10.3.

Now I am stuck.

Do you have any ideas that inspire?

Answer Source

Is seems that LongDateTime is a signed 64-bit integer which represents a date d as the number of seconds since January 1, 1904, GMT, adjusted by the time-zone offset for d in the local time zone (including daylight-savings time offset if DST is active at d).

The following code gives the same result as your Objective-C code for all dates that I tested (winter time and summer time).

class DateEventDescriptor : NSAppleEventDescriptor {

    convenience init?(date : NSDate) {
        let secondsSince2001 = Int64(date.timeIntervalSinceReferenceDate)
        var secondsSince1904 = secondsSince2001 + 3061152000
        secondsSince1904 += Int64(NSTimeZone.localTimeZone().secondsFromGMTForDate(date))
        self.init(descriptorType: DescType(typeLongDateTime),
            bytes: &secondsSince1904, length: sizeofValue(secondsSince1904))
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