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iOS Question

iOS error : library not found for -lGSDK_Overload

After pod update i am seeing the following error

library not found for -lGSDK_Overload

while trying to build the project. I have been using the Google Analytics in my project. Is this related to Google Analytics ? See the header search path in my project

enter image description here

I have seen the similar questions in SO. But here i have no idea what is GSDK and where the actual issue lies.

Pod update details

enter image description here

Any help will be appreciated

Answer Source

Check for the following solutions

  1. Have u launched your project through [project_name].xcworkspace

  2. Check for libGSDK_Overload_external.a library file at following path /Users/Repositories/SVNRepo/Tiger_FINAL/Pods/GoogleSymbolUtilities/Libraries/ in your root folder of the project and add this file to projects target. Rebuild your project.

enter image description here

  1. If problem still exit remove pod file and reinstall it.
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