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Print $_POST variable name along with value

I have a POST in PHP for which I won't always know the names of the variable fields I will be processing.

I have a function that will loop through the values (however I would also like to capture the variable name that goes with it.)

foreach ($_POST as $entry)
print $entry . "<br>";

Once I figure out how to grab the variable names, I also need to figure out how I can make the function smart enough to detect and loop through arrays for a variable if they are present (i.e. if I have some checkbox values.)

Answer Source

If you just want to print the entire $_POST array to verify your data is being sent correctly, use print_r:


To recursively print the contents of an array:


function printArray($array){
     foreach ($array as $key => $value){
        echo "$key => $value";
        if(is_array($value)){ //If $value is an array, print it as well!

Apply some padding to nested arrays:


 * $pad='' gives $pad a default value, meaning we don't have 
 * to pass printArray a value for it if we don't want to if we're
 * happy with the given default value (no padding)
function printArray($array, $pad=''){
     foreach ($array as $key => $value){
        echo $pad . "$key => $value";
            printArray($value, $pad.' ');

is_array returns true if the given variable is an array.

You can also use array_keys which will return all the string names.

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