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Search multiple models at once with Ransack

I have a search form in the header of my app and I would like to use this search form to search through multiple models within the application.

For example a request like

should trigger a search through multiple models like
and their defined attributes. I wanted to use Ransack because I already use it on the
model in a different area of the app.

I think I don't quite understand Ransack yet and the documentation always points out that you have to define
@q = MyModel.search(params[:q])
to use it in the form
search_form_for @q
. Is there a way where you don't have to define a specific model in advance? And just pass in the parameter name like
search_form_for :q

Answer Source

Okay, after asking the question the answer popped into my head.

Instead of the search_form_for helper I'm now just using the form_tag helper in the following way:

<%= form_tag search_path, method: :get do %>
  <%= text_field_tag :q, nil %>
<%= end %>

and in the search action I just do:

q = params[:q]
@works    = Work.search(name_cont: q).result
@projects = Project.search(name_cont: q).result
@users    = User.search(name_cont: q).result

This works for me. I hope this also helps someone else.

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