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PHP how to import all classes from another namespace

I'm implementing namespaces in my existing project. I found that you can use the keyword 'use' to import classes into your namespace. My question is, can I also import all the classes from 1 namespace into another. Example:

namespace foo

class bar

public static $a = 'foobar';



use \foo; //This doesn't work!
echo bar::$a;

Update for PHP 7+

A new feature in PHP 7 is grouped declarations. This doesn't make it as easy as using 1 'use statement' for all the classes in a given namespace, but makes it somewhat easier...

Example code:

// Pre PHP 7 code
use some\namespace\ClassA;
use some\namespace\ClassB;
use some\namespace\ClassC as C;

// PHP 7+ code
use some\namespace\{ClassA, ClassB, ClassC as C};

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Answer Source

This is not possible in PHP.

All you can do is:

namespace Foo;

use Bar;

$obj = new Bar\SomeClassFromBar();
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