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Does Karate DSL Framework have the capability to pass a POST Request as a url encoded format?

Certain APIs in my project can only be accessed via OAuth 2.0 using an encoded format. I am able to manually submit a POST using POSTMAN as it has the x-www-form-urlencoded feature to send the request (image attached). As a workaround, I created a java function to convert my json body to an encoded URI and passed as a variable. However, I am getting a "http call failed for URL" when running it. I was wondering if Karate has its own library to convert json to Encoded URIs.

Scenario: Json to Encoded URI on POST body

* def JavaDemo = Java.type('com.ge.health.gam.service.servicerequest.testsuite.CustomJavaClass')
* def encodedURI = JavaDemo.jsonToURI()
* print encodedURI

Given url 'http://location.ver02.geicenter.com/uaa/oauth/token'
And request encodedURI
When method post
Then status 200

com.intuit.karate.exception.KarateException: http call failed after 263 milliseconds for URL: http://location.ver02.geicenter.com/uaa/oauth/tokenenter image description here

Answer Source

Yes. Please refer to the documentation for form field. There is also an OAuth 2 example in the demos, look for it.

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