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How can I position my jQuery dialog to center?

I have tried following code, but it only positions dialogs left upper corner position to center, and that makes element to be aligned to right. How can I center dialog to real center which counts elements width, so that center line will cut dialog to 50% 50% halfs?

$('.selector').dialog({ position: 'center' });

Answer Source

I'm pretty sure you shouldn't need to set a position:


should center by default.

I did have a look at the article, and also checked what it says on the official jquery-ui site about positioning a dialog : and in it were discussed 2 states of: initialise and after initialise.

Code examples - (taken from jQuery UI 2009-12-03)

Initialize a dialog with the position option specified.

$('.selector').dialog({ position: 'top' });

Get or set the position option, after init.

var position = $('.selector').dialog('option', 'position');
$('.selector').dialog('option', 'position', 'top');

I think that if you were to remove the position attribute you would find it centers by itself else try the second setter option where you define 3 elements of "option" "position" and "center".

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