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AngularJS Question

How can I use angularjs promise chain in a service and controller?

I found this plnkr link on the web but I need use it with 2 or 3 more ajax calls which doesn't require an argument from the first ajax call. How can I do it with error handling?

var app = angular.module("app", []);

app.service("githubService", function($http, $q) {

var deferred = $q.defer();

this.getAccount = function() {
return $http.get('')
.then(function(response) {
// promise is fulfilled
return deferred.promise;
}, function(response) {
// the following line rejects the promise
return deferred.promise;

app.controller("promiseController", function($scope, $q, githubService) {

function(result) {
// promise was fullfilled (regardless of outcome)
// checks for information will be peformed here
$scope.account = result;
function(error) {
// handle errors here

Answer Source

You can use $q.all

var promises=[

console.log('Response of Url1', response[0]);
console.log('Response of Url2', response[1]);
console.log('Response of Url3', response[2]);
console.log('Response of Url4', response[3]);
}, function(error){


I have forked your plunkr with $q

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