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Java Question

Multiple variables in one array?

I am taking an introduction course to Java, where I am building a small library systems that lets a librarian add books, list all the books and search for a specific book.

It is working for now, but in the

of a book there is only the title. I would like to add ISBN, author, year published and its current status in the library. How do I add the variables in the same
Below is my

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.Arrays;
import java.util.List;

//Array form available books

public final class ListBook {

public static List<String> VALUES = new ArrayList<String>(Arrays.asList(
new String[] {"Book1","Book2","Book3","Book4"}

The other important class in this case allows the librarian to add a new book;

public class InsertBook {

// variables for the book info
public String name_book;

// Importing the list of books
ListBook lb = new ListBook();
// variable for the list of books
private int x;

// Constructors
Scanner input_name = new Scanner(;

public void insertDataBook() {
System.out.println("Write your book title:");

name_book =;
System.out.println("The following value was added");


// To iterate through each element, generate a for so the array comes to
// a list. Through the variable x.
for (x = 0; x < lb.VALUES.size(); x++) {



How should it be done?


Instead of having an ArrayList of "Strings" which have only your title, you will want to have an ArrayList of objects instead. Consider the following:

class Book {
    public String ISBN;
    public String author;
    public String year;

    public Book(String ISBN, String author, String year) {
        this.ISBN = ISBN; = author;
        this.year = year;

Then later you would add to this list as follows:

List<Book> VALUES = new ArrayList<Book>();
Book b = new Book("1234", "Name", "1984");