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Commit previous local commit before latest revisions - Xcode

I have an iOS app that I connected to a GitHub repository. I tried to make a commit on the 14th November 2016, but it failed as my GitHub account was suspended (due to payment issues). I have now fixed the issues I was having with my GitHub repository.

If I look at the "Workspace History" screen in Xcode, I can see that Xcode saved the commit locally. Since then I have made further changes to the app files.

So my question is, if I try to commit again to GitHub, will Xcode push the current commits AND the commits from 14th Nov 2016... OR... will Xcode just push the latest modifications and NOT the changes made in the 14th Nov 2016 commit?

Thanks for your time, Dan.

Answer Source

Let's say your old commit was done in branch master and you continue to commit in the same branch. Now you push the branch changes to Github. As a result ALL commits (in this branch) will be copied there.

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