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How to pass one column value into another column in Jquery DataTables

I need to pass the Value of the first column into the second column render function() to make a hyperlink where the value of the first column is parameter. of the hyperlink.

"Columns": [
"data": "Code", "autoWidth": true,

{ "data" : "StyleReference","autoWidth": true,
"render": function (data, oObj) {
return '<a href="/Production/Styles/StyleDetails/' + Code + '">' + data + '</a>';

Any Help Please!!

Answer Source

You're nearly there. The render function can take up to 4 variables. Your row represents the whole object, this should work:

"columns": [{
  "data": "Code",
  "autoWidth": true
}, {
  "data": "StyleReference",
  "autoWidth": true,
  "render": function(data, type, row, meta) {
    return '<a href="/Production/Styles/StyleDetails/' + row.Code + '">' + data + '</a>';

Hope that helps.

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