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Android Question

Mobil phone plug and play via USB

is there a mobilphone which doesnt require any "configuration"-BS to connect it to the PC?

I want to quickly send files (music) to it and be done, no additional software or drivers like itunes or whatever.

Also it should be easy to connect to a wlan with it, and by easy i mean also no 4 menus i have to click through.

It may seem a retarded question, but as i experienced this is not standard.

So which mobil phones have these 2 features?

Or am I just dumb and should use cardreaders for that purpose?

Answer Source

you dont want any software so how can you transfer file without them. if you are using android phone then you can use shareit for phone and pc and you have to establish connection for transfer the data.i am using shareit and it is best for transfer files.

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