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Click by bounds / coordinates

I know it is possible for Espresso to click by bounds the way UiAutomator does. (x and y coordinates) I have read through the documentation but I can't seem to find it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks


I found this link, but no examples how to use it, My main concern with this is the

is or how to use it.

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Espresso has the GeneralClickAction, this is the underlying implementation of ViewActions click(), doubleClick(), and longClick().

The GeneralClickAction's constructor takes a CoordinatesProvider as second argument. So the basic idea is to create a static ViewAction getter which provides a custom CoordinatesProvider. Something like this:

public static ViewAction clickXY(final int x, final int y){
    return new GeneralClickAction(
        new CoordinatesProvider() {
            public float[] calculateCoordinates(View view) {

               final int[] screenPos = new int[2];

               final float screenX = screenPos[0] + x;
               final float screenY = screenPos[1] + y;
               float[] coordinates = {screenX, screenY};

               return coordinates;

A general advice with Espresso: instead of looking for documentation (there's virtually none), look at the source code. Espresso is open source and the source code itself is of really good quality.

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