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Handling huge number of fields in scalatra model

I'm building a rest api using scalatra and cassandra. My cassandra data model is having 1000+ fields. I need to read these fields into scalatra middleware and do a lot of json manipulation as per business logic. What are the ways in which I can automatically/easily map the cassandra fields -> scalatra object -> JSON response?

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In Cassandra 2.2 added JSON support
You can use SELECT JSON

The SELECT statement has also be extended to support retrieval of rows in a JSON-encoded map format. The results for SELECT JSON will only include a single column named [json]. This column will contain the same JSON-encoded map representation of a row that is used for INSERT JSON. For example, if we have a table like the following:

Let you schema be

    id text PRIMARY KEY,
    age int,
    state text

You can use


The results will look like this:

{"id": "user123", "age": 42, "state": "TX"}

or you can use

SELECT JSON id, writetime(age), ttl(state) as ttl FROM users;

Output :

{"id": "user123", "writetime(age)": 1434135381782986, "ttl": null}

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