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Scala Question

Efficient way to load csv file in spark/scala

I am trying to load a csv file in scala from spark. I see that we can do using the below two different syntaxes:"csv").options(option).load(path)

What is the difference between these two and which gives the better performance?

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There's no difference.

So why do both exist?

  • The .format(fmt).load(path) method is a flexible, pluggable API that allows adding more formats without having to re-compile spark - you can register aliases for custom Data Source implementations and have Spark use them; "csv" used to be such a custom implementation (outside of the packaged Spark binaries), but it is now part of the project
  • There are shorthand methods for "built-in" data sources (like csv, parquet, json...) which make the code a bit simpler (and verified at compile time)

Eventually, they both create a CSV Data Source and use it to load the data.

Bottom line, for any supported format, you should opt for the "shorthand" method, e.g. csv(path).

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