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Google map marker with button action in objective c

I have a google map with customised marker using customised UIView. I want to add a button on that customised UIView and add an action for that button. Is it possible?

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Accoring to the documentation it doesn't seem that it can be done. If you see the Google-Map documentation. It says:

Note: The info window is rendered as an image each time it is displayed on the map.

Hence, it limits the interaction with the marker's infoWindow. You can just set an action to it. You can detect a tap on infoWindow and go to a different window using didTapWindowOfMarker.

See this thread: Add buttons to view returned by markerInfoWindow delegate method

Note: There is a feature request in Google's issue tracker to add direct support for this. There are few solutions given on this thread: Enhanced customization in the info window which might help.

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