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Data bind over in array in knockoutjs

I have an array as follows:

self.arrayObj : Array[2]

My interntion is to display "Display1" and "Display2" which are strings
I am doing the html binding as follows:

<div data-bind="foreach: self.arrayObj">
<span data-bind="text:$data[0]"></span>

How can I iterate over the array and display only texts?

Answer Source

I would like to answer my own question.

It is not a simple thing when we want to bind the object with dynamic keys and values in the UI using Knockout js. If we have the fixed keynames then its easy. What I did was , converted the json object to 2-D array :

In the .js file

var 2Darray = { 
     var keyname = Object.keys(val)[0];
     var value = val[keyname];
     return [keyname,value];

In the html file , we can bind it two times in a loop:

<div data-bind:"foreach:2Darray">

  <div data-bind:"foreach: $data">

   <div data-bind:"text:$data[0]">
   <div data-bind:"foreach: $data[1]">
     <div data-bind:"text:$data.val">

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