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What does "argument to 'which' is not logical" mean in FactoMineR MCA?

I'm trying to run an MCA on a datatable using FactoMineR. It contains only 0/1 numerical columns, and its size is 200.000 * 20.

result <- MCA(data[, colnames, with=F], ncp = 3)

I get the following error :

Error in which(unlist(lapply(listModa, is.numeric))) :
argument to 'which' is not logical

I didn't really know what to do with this error. Then I tried to turn every column to character, and everything worked. I thought it could be useful to someone else, and that maybe someone would be able to explain the error to me ;)


Answer Source

It's difficult to tell without further input, but what you can do is:

  • Find the function where the error occurred (via traceback()),
  • Set a breakpoint and debug it:

    trace(tab.disjonctif, browser)

I did the following (offline) to find the name of tab.disjonctif:

  • Found the package on the CRAN mirror on GitHub
  • Search for that particular expression that gives the error
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