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PHP create PDF invoice

Hi does anyone know how I can create a nicely formatted PDF invoice through PHP?

Ideally I'm looking for something with a header and then an itemised listing of the products with some sort of table around. After a quick Google I would be comfortable with generating a PDF but to try and style it nicely would be another thing altogether.


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I use TCPDF (see for this: its pretty capable and not too painful to get setup. I will say that depending on your data source you may have some issues. In my case my data is sourced from a SOAP interface to my accounting system and use CodeIgniter for my app, and I can do this:

$address = $extraclient->get_company_address();

// generate the PDF invoice

// set document information
$this->pdfinvoice->SetSubject("Invoice " . $data_invoice['code_invoice']);

// add a page

// write the client's details out
$width = $this->pdfinvoice->GetPageWidth()/2;
$margins = $this->pdfinvoice->getMargins();
$this->pdfinvoice->SetFont('times', 'b', $this->pdfinvoice->bigFont );
$this->_row($width, array("From:", "To:"));
$this->pdfinvoice->SetFont('times', 'i', $this->pdfinvoice->smallFont );
$this->_row($width, array("MY NAME", $customer['name_contact']));
$this->_row($width, array($address['phone'], $customer['name_customer']));
$this->_row($width, array($address['street'], $customer['address1_street']));
$this->_row($width, array($address['city']. ", ".$address['state']." ".$address['zipcode'],
                          $customer['address1_city']. ", ".$customer['address1_state']." ".$customer['address1_zip

The full code is quite frankly too long to insert here, but you should get the idea, and you get fairly precise layout control.

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