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ASP.NET (C#) Question

How to display Telerik RadWindow from code-behind of UserControl

The following is the code I am using to display popup window of Telerik(Radwindow) in aspx page. It successfully displays the window with the below current code.

How can I display popup window from ASP.NET Usercontrol?

RadWindowManager windowManager = new RadWindowManager();
RadWindow window1 = new RadWindow();

window1.NavigateUrl = "Window1.aspx";
window1.ID = "RadWindow1";
window1.VisibleOnPageLoad = true; // Set this property to True for showing window from code

Answer Source

You can, of course, but there are two issues with this approach:

  • the user control will have to know about the window manager and window on the master page, traverse the controls hierarchy and find them

  • if you add the entire snippet to the user control you will end up with several window manager instance and this can play a few tricks on you (see here).

So, think about the following ideas:

  • add a RadWindow instance to the user control (not a RadWindowManager) and use that alone. Read this article to register a script from the server in order to open it and this article on making the JS functions you may need unique per user control.

  • open the RadWindow purely from the client-side as shown here. You can register a JS function from the server that will pass the parameters you need (URL, modality, whatever)

Here is a sample implementation of one of the ideas (that I would go with) based on your comment:

Master page

        <telerik:RadWindowManager ID="RadWindowManager1" runat="server"></telerik:RadWindowManager>
            function openDialog(url, modal, width, height) {
                if (radopen) { //if not, there is no RadWindowManager on the page, add an else{} block to use window.open() or other logic
                    var wnd = radopen(url, null);
                    //add checks here in case parameters have not been passed
                    wnd.setSize(width, height);

User control markup

<asp:Button ID="Button1" Text="open RW" OnClick="Button1_Click" runat="server" />

Use control code-behind

protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    bool flag = true;
        string script = string.Format("function f(){{openDialog('{0}', {1}, {2}, {3});Sys.Application.remove_load(f);}}Sys.Application.add_load(f);",
        ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(Page, Page.GetType(), "someKey", script, true);
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