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How to add 2 series in Bar chart using crystal report visual studio 2013

I am using crystal report with Visual Studio 2013 and have to design report with bar chart.

I have consolidated verification report and have to show bar chart with 2 series.

I have data like this.

public class VerifiedCountData
public List<VerifiedCountData> GetDataList()
this.VerifiedCountList = new List<VerfiedCountList>();

this.VerifiedCountList.Add(new VerifiedCountData(new DateTime(2015,08,02),1,1));
this.VerifiedCountList.Add(new VerifiedCountData(new DateTime(2015,08,03),5,0));
this.VerifiedCountList.Add(new VerifiedCountData(new DateTime(2015,08,04),2,4));
this.VerifiedCountList.Add(new VerifiedCountData(new DateTime(2015,08,05),6,2));

return this.VerifiedCountList;
public VerifiedCountData(DateTime date, int yesCount, int noCount)
this.Date = date;
this.YesCount = yesCount;
this.NoCount = noCount;

public DateTime Date {get;set;}
public int YesCount {get;set;}
public int NoCount {get;set;}
public List<VerifiedCountData> VerifiedCountList {get;set;}


here is snap what I have to design in cystal report.
Please check this Image

In Design of crystal report right click on report and then goto insert option and select chart.

In chart Expert Data tab layout is advance inside of data a drowp down is comming for 'On Change Of' I have added two fields one for YesCount and second NoCount and in Show value(s) I added Date field.
here is image is explain what i did

but when i run result is coming like this


Answer Source

Finally I have done this by changing the values in 'Chart Expert > Data(tab)'

Instead of this :

instead of this


its working right

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