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Visual Studio 2015 Test explorer starts multiple projects on build

I have a C# solution in Visual Studio 2015 with several projects, and some of them are Windows Forms tools, which are all built when I rebuild the solution.

The problem is, if my Test Explorer tool window is docked (open) when I do a rebuild (only a rebuild, not Start with/without debugging), all Windows Forms projects are started (begin executing) at once - similar to what I would get if I chose multiple startup projects and clicked Start.

Is this a known issue, or a result of some incorrect configuration on my side? I don't remember having this issue earlier.

Answer Source

I found out the offending plugin: it's the GoogleTest Runner extension, which discovers C/C++ unit tests by running any executables built by the solution which match [Tt]est[s]{0,1}.*.exe.

Incidentally, some .NET apps in the solution were named something like ConnectionTester, so they were getting executed by the plugin (it would pass certain arguments through the command line), which expected they would return a list of tests to run. It would be cool if the plugin at least checked the type/language of the project before running it, so I will try to submit a patch for this as soon as I get a spare moment.

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