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Mimic another website - video gallery

I'm trying to create a similar sub domain for my website for videos -

The main website ( is made with wordpress, and it seems this media version is made with bootstrap.

Realistically, I could make this with bootstrap and some custom code and what not, but the tricky thing is that my employer needs a simple CMS to use like WordPress to add video's, but as I've been trying to make one, its notoriously hard to manage to create nice video layout that will function in a similar function as youtube, or more specifically the website.

So knowing that this subdomain is made with bootstrap, and the main domain is made with wordpress, I found some resources online that I can link up my two website to use the same database. Therefore, he can still use the same website and the video's will be uploaded to bootstrap.

Now the coding question

After all that background knowledge, how would I pull information from a wordpress CMS with a website that DOES NOT use wordpress at all (my custom subdomain)? I can't wrap my head around how to do it?

As I think this is one of the only routes I can think of. If there is another alternative I should consider, like possibly just creating a custom php CMS being an easier route, I'll consider that.

Any related resources would be incredibly useful.

Answer Source

They have a cookie called melody_device. It is highly probable that they are using PHP Melody CMD.

This site shows all the site with that cookie

Fururemonethrends site cookie

Cookie:PHPSESSID=fe860147400ae982c02c2e850d16ec18; melody_device=desktop; _gat=1; watched_video_list=MjI0Mw%3D%3D; pm_elastic_player=normal; jwplayer.captionLabel=Off; _ga=GA1.2.1834527991.1467232624

PHP Melody demo ( site cookie

PHPSESSID=25940fd188e3efe7aca4d0a2bc522e90; melody_device=desktop; __utmt=1; __utma=115875527.781292918.1467233438.1467233438.1467233438.1; __utmb=115875527.1.10.1467233438; __utmc=115875527;|utmccn=(referral)|utmcmd=referral|utmcct=/phpmelody_demo.html; melody_pad_7ece56d7834bced47d7261955cdf94cd=7ece56d7834b; jwplayer.captionLabel=Off

Which is pretty much the same..

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