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Javascript Question

How can I make users read a popup without just clicking "ok" or "close"

I have a piece of software that gives a popup warning which alerts users that the action that they are about to do is irreversible.

From tests, and from personal experience, I know that most impatient users will just skip or hit ok on most popups because they think understand the implications of the action they are doing.

What is the best way to make sure users actually read a pop up before confirming?

Answer Source

I don't think there's a complete solution. Everyone struggles with this.

I would use one of the following:

  • Time (Set a 5 second timer, after that the action buttons appear)
  • Get the user to enter something via text box to confirm they read it (e.g. type XYZ to continue)
  • Use color, animation and imagery to convey that its a potentially dangerous action (Make it red, shake and have a big X symbol or something.
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