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Visual studio unable to add swagger metadata file in my rest api client

I am new to mobile development. As i am familiar with c# .net so i am using

plugin for
visual studio
. I have created a sample app in which i have used
, created a DB and then performed
operations. At this point all things are working good. But i already have a
local DB
and i want to use it. For this i have made an
offline Azure api
and on
i have saved the files
by using
File System
in release option in
. Now i want to add my app as
rest api client
and want to use my local DB. But when i try to add as rest api client and then i select
select an existing swagger file
so while browsing i can't find any file. For reference please see the images bellow

enter image description here

So when i click browse and goto the location where i have saved my files for swagger i get nothing as shown in bellow image

enter image description here

Also it's finding the
extension file which is not present in my publish api.

I don't know why it's happening, also as already told above i am new to mobile development i am not sure what to do. Kindly see the bellow image of my
swagger UI

enter image description here

Any help would be highly appreciated

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Why you are using azure? I guess your are working in a company so they must have a server. Just publish your services on the server and then sync it with your mobile app and DB. This is the easiest and free way to do it. You can use Rest services for that