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Read config settings from PhoneGap app

Apparently I'm terrible at Googling. All I want to do is have the ability to read my web service URL from a config file in my PhoneGap app. Also, be able to modify that value during the build process. Is this named alot different in Xcode? I think I need to save this value in the plist file. If that's the case, then I can just set a user-setting in my build configuration stuff to have it change depending on which build type, Dev/Release.

If that's true, how do I access this from PhoneGap?

I'm guessing this question will get closed, but where else do I go for help...

Answer Source

plist file for cordova project already depreciate since v2.2. Cordova v2.3 start using config.xml.

Target > Edit Scheme

enter image description here

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