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rails pass soap basic auth with savon

I'm trying to send soap request with basic authentication with

savon gem

My soap server is set up with
wash_out gem

class OrdersController < ApplicationController
soap_service namespace: 'sir:WashOut', wsse_username: SIRA[:auth][:username], wsse_password: SIRA[:auth][:password]


When i make a request to soap server via
i get an error:

@client = Savon.client(
wsdl: "http://localhost:3000/orders/wsdl",
soap_header: { 'Username' =>SIRA[:auth][:username], 'Password' => SIRA[:auth][:password] }

@response = @client.call(:notify ).to_hash

On the last command i get an error

Savon::SOAPFault: (Server) Missing required UsernameToken


I've tried this and it works!

@client = Savon.client(
  wsdl:  "http://localhost:3000/orders/wsdl",
  wsse_auth: [SIRENA[:auth][:username], SIRENA[:auth][:password] ],
  logger: Rails.logger

 @response = @client.call(:notify,  ).to_hash