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PHP Question

mongodb PHP extension not found?

I followed the manual, I mpved the php_mongo.dll into the PHP extension folder,
and added extension=php_mongo.dll to the php.ini file and it's given me an error when I try and you rockmango that "To make things right, you must install php_mongo module. Here for installation documents on PHP.net." but I have alread done this any solutions? I am running the lattest version of PHP and mongodb

Answer Source

Check php --ini shows the correct config file being used.

Check php -i (phpinfo) and make sure the module is actually loaded.

Double check you have the right flavour of the module for your version of PHP. (VC6, VC8, VC9, TS, NTS, etc.)

I got my mongo module (1.2.9) for PHP 5.4 32bit on windows from stealth35. It works like a charm.

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