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How to schedule remote mysql backups on windows

I am looking for a smart way to take care of scheduling backups on a remote Mysql Unix/Linux server from my own personal Windows XP computer.

Is there any (free if possible, preferable of course) software that i can schedule that logs in to a mysql database and downloads a complete backup?

Would also need an alternative that might handle backups for databases that I don't have remote access to.


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I'm supposing you have permission in your external host for these operations. That said, you have two approaches:

Using the mysqldump of your Windows MySql installation and a bat script for scheduling

If you have wamp/lamp/etc installed on your windows machine, you can use mysqldump in a bat file and set windows scheduler to call it everyday at 0:00 AM.

Create a .bat file containing: (Make sure that your output directory is writable for this task in Win Vista and 7):

set DATET=%date:~-4%_%date:~7,2%
"c:\xampplite\mysql\bin\mysqldump" --host="YOUR_HOST" --user="YOUR_USER" --password="YOUR_PASSWORD" YOUR_DB > "c:\"backup_%DATET%_YOUR_DB.sql

...and set a task in your windows scheduler to call this bat everyday.

If you need additional parameters to your backup, don't forget to check mysqldump reference.

Using a "full-blown" software based backup solution

Check Mysql's solution directory. The only free solution I know of this list is the app from topsoft but I haven't tested it. You could check Sourceforge as well.

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