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Access value of the scope variable inside callback function in Angular2

I'm trying to retrieve data from DB and set it to the scope variable.'this' inside a callback not working as a angular2 scope. I don't know why. I tried timeout, zone. gas things, Promise things. I don't really know what they are, so I can't able to make use of it.. please help me to figure this out.

//in service.ts
listFriends(callback) {
result_data = [];

db.transaction(function(tx) {

tx.executeSql('SELECT * from mytable', [], function(tx, results) {

length = results.rows.length;

for (i = 0; i < length; i++) {


}, null);


//in component.ts
public allmyFriends: any;
public self = this;
public test;
constructor(myFriendService: MyFriendService) {

this.myFriendService = myFriendService;
this.myFriendService.listFriends((response) => {
//trying to set value to the scope variable.but not working
this.test="test working";
//same as above
this.allmyFriends = response;
//getting the response from the service successfully
console.log("in list" + this.allmyFriends);

} );

Answer Source

When you said that you tried zone. What do you mean exactly? Do you inject NgZone and execute code within it.

This question could give you some hints: View is not updated on change in Angular2.

From where do you get your map instance. If it's instantiated outside a zone, Angular2 won't be able to detect updates of the mapLatitudeInput attribute.

You could try something like that:

export class MapComponent {
  constructor(ngZone:NgZone) {
    this.ngZone = ngZone;

  someMethod() {
    this.myFriendService.listFriends((response) => { => {
        this.test="test working";
        this.allmyFriends = response;
        console.log("in list" + this.allmyFriends);

This question could be also related to your problem: Angular2 child property change not firing update on bound property.

Hope it helps you, Thierry

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