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Javascript Question

How can I get the browser's scrollbar sizes?

How can I determine the height of a horizontal scrollbar, or the width of a vertical one in javascript ?

Answer Source

From Alexandre Gomes Blog I have not tried it. Let me know if it works for you.

function getScrollBarWidth () {
  var inner = document.createElement('p'); = "100%"; = "200px";

  var outer = document.createElement('div'); = "absolute"; = "0px"; = "0px"; = "hidden"; = "200px"; = "150px"; = "hidden";
  outer.appendChild (inner);

  document.body.appendChild (outer);
  var w1 = inner.offsetWidth; = 'scroll';
  var w2 = inner.offsetWidth;
  if (w1 == w2) w2 = outer.clientWidth;

  document.body.removeChild (outer);

  return (w1 - w2);
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