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mySQL min() and max() query array echoing zero

I have a table set up with 5 columns:

user_id, 5k, 10k, halfmarathon, and marathon.

I want to display the user's best times on a user page for each distance of run. The user will be able to update any of the times which creates a new row and the rest of the columns are set to null. So for example,

Row 1 is:

user_id: 5, 5k: null, 10k: 45:00, half: null, marathon: null.

Then the user runs another 10k and gets a better time, plus wants to update their 5k time :

Row 2 is then:

user_id: 5, 5k: 15:53, 10k: 40:40, half: null, marathon: null.

When I run the following SQL query

$query = "SELECT MIN(5k), MIN(10k), MIN(halfmartahon), MIN(marathon)
FROM Times
WHERE user_id = ".$userID."
GROUP BY user_id";
//Assign Result Set
$user_benchmarks = $db->single();`

I get an array that is correct when I
(I am storing the times in seconds) :

object(stdClass)#18 (4) { ["MIN(5k)"]=> string(3) "953" ["MIN(10k)"]=> string(4) "2440" ["MIN(halfmarathon)"]=> string(1) "0" ["MIN(marathon)"]=> string(1) "0" }

However, when I try to echo this, so
it doesn't show anything and when I run
it comes back as

Has anyone encountered this / know what's happening? I've also tried turning the string to an integer before printing it to no avail - still get

Answer Source


SELECT MIN(5k) as 5k, 
       MIN(10k) as 10k, 
       MIN(halfmartahon) as halfmartahon, 
       MIN(marathon) as marathon
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