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AngularJS Question

Update parent controller value from child angular function

I'm trying to change a scope value in a parent controller from a child directive.

I've added

for two-way binding such that when I click on a the directive's
, it will fire
, which will update
, which has been two-way bound.

Yet it's not updating the controller's

Controller HTML:

TEST : {{page}} //Not changed



$ = 'Not changed';

Directive HTML:

<tr ng-repeat="q in questions" ng-click="openDetail( )">

"Questions List" Directive:

scope: {
page : '='

scope.openDetail = function (id) { = 'question_detail';

In other examples, the
handlers are always bound on the Controller. In my case, I need to fire an event from the directive, change directive value, and have it update the controller.

Answer Source

You should pass the parent scope's property to bind to via directive's element attribute:

<questions-list page="page"></questions-list>

Here the demo.

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