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How to apply filters dynamically in nicolaskruchten pivottable.js

I am using nicolaskruchten pivottable, for displaying my data using:

{country: "USA", city: "Boston"},
{country: "USA", city: "NYC"},
{country: "UK", city: "London"},
rows: ["country"],
cols: ["city"]

Its displaying table properly but now I want to filter my data dynamically in the table.

One of the way is, to filter my available data and redraw pivot table with filter data.
I want to know if there is any inbuilt filter method available.

There is an provision for a filter object in the options array of pivot(input [,options]) method but not able to find any example to implement.

If anyone can suggest me how to proceed further ?

Answer Source

You must re-render the table every time you filter. You can pass a filter attribute which is a function that takes a row as a parameter and returns a boolean. See

I should add that in general, you should file a Github Issue to get help with this library, rather than asking a question on StackOverflow.

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