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Stripe subscription add-on's & features

Right now I have 3 types of subscription at my site:

  • Starter (10$)

  • Plus (15$)

  • Premium (19$)

Also I have few add-on's which user can add to his subscription, e.g.:

Subscription : plus

  • +feature 1(+10 $)

  • +feature 2(+10 $)

Total = 15$ + 10$ + 10$ = 35$.

User should be able add/remove features during his billing period or switch to another plan.
Can you guys tell me how should I manage those features using Stripe.

Answer Source

Stripe doesn't natively support add-ons. There are a number of third party tools that add this feature on top of Stripe, which can be useful if you're dealing with complicated up and downgrades with prorations.

Using just Stripe, standard practice would be to create a subscription with the plan (Starter, Plus, Premium), and then listen for the invoice.created webhook each month to add the necessary add-ons.

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