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C++ IDE for Linux?

I want to expand my programming horizons to Linux. A good, dependable basic toolset is important, and what is more basic than an IDE?

I could find these SO topics:

I'm not looking for a lightweight IDE. If an IDE is worth the money, then I will pay for it, so it need not be free.

My question, then:

What good, C++ programming IDE is available for Linux?

The minimums are fairly standard: syntax highlighting, code completion (like intellisense or its Eclipse counterpart) and integrated debugging (e.g., basic

I have searched for it myself, but there are so many that it is almost impossible to separate the good from the bads by hand, especially for someone like me who has little C++ coding experience in Linux. I know that Eclipse supports C++, and I really like that IDE for Java, but is it any good for C++ and is there something better?

The second post actually has some good suggestions, but what I am missing is what exactly makes the sugested IDE so good for the user, what are its (dis)advantages?

Maybe my question should therefore be:

What IDE do you propose (given your experiences), and why?

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Actually, I recently made the switch from Visual Studio (years of experience there) to Linux and the first thing I did was try to find a reasonable IDE.

And then I noticed that this simply isn't how you work there*, and I threw everything out, spent a few days reading manuals, set up my shell (bash), set up a GVIM environment, learned the GCC/binutils toolchain, make and gdb and lived happily ever after.

There are certainly disadvantages but I am sure that I work much more productive since making the switch.

*) It really isn't! And that's not an anachronism either because the toolchain described above is incredibly mature and powerful. Any IDE has to replicate hundreds of unique features to get anywhere near the power of these tools that have been honed to the point of perfection for decades. The learning curve might be quite steep, but much less so than I expected.

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