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Python Question

How can I check if code is executed in the IPython notebook?

I have some Python code example I'd like to share that should do something different if executed in the terminal Python / IPython or in the IPython notebook.

How can I check from my Python code if it's running in the IPython notebook?

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The question is what do you want execute differently.

We do our best in IPython prevent the kernel from knowing to which kind of frontend is connected, and actually you can even have a kernel connected to many differents frontends at the same time. Even if you can take a peek at the type of stderr/out to know wether you are in a ZMQ kernel or not, it does not guaranties you of what you have on the other side. You could even have no frontends at all.

You should probably write your code in a frontend independent manner, but if you want to display different things, you can use the rich display system (link pinned to version 4.x of IPython) to display different things depending on the frontend, but the frontend will choose, not the library.

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