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Git Question

Git push permission denied (publickey) but successfully authenticated

I want to push my commits to github with ssh. I get

You've successfully authenticated

message after run
ssh -T git@github.com
command but when I want to push my commits I get this error:

Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Could not read from remote

Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository

I run
ssh-add -l
command and I get

4096 SHA256:SREQ0/2G0mT+UxUmpLWmkMramBcFxnl+onFyXgwFENk ~/.ssh/work2_rsa (RSA) 4096 SHA256:gKPZ1Hxzc6eZ/NsgnoPaJsGbdWgQV54bYAXaTym3PfY ~/.ssh/work3_rsa (RSA)

I run
git remote -v
and I get

origin git@github.com:H-Ghadirian/UdacitySillySong.git (fetch)
origin git@github.com:H-Ghadirian/UdacitySillySong.git (push)
sillySong git@github.com:H-Ghadirian/UdacitySillySong.git (fetch)
sillySong git@github.com:H-Ghadirian/UdacitySillySong.git (push)

I read this post. Its very similar to my issue but
didn't solve my problem.

I also run
git push -u origin master
and get the same error :

Permission denied (publickey).

I also read Permission denied (publickey). fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly for git pull but my public key is in .ssh folder and thats not my case

I read this page: Error: Permission denied (publickey) and check all. Did I miss something?

What should I do?

MacOS: Sierra

git version 2.13.5 (Apple Git-94)

As this link describe,I add
file to my
folder and add

Host *
AddKeysToAgent yes
UseKeychain yes
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/work2_rsa

to it.

Answer Source

Check first what git remote -v does return:

  • it needs to be a repo you own or you are a collaborator of
  • it needs to be the right ssh url git@github.com:<you>/<yourRepo.git>
    (And not an https one like in your question yesterday)

Just to be clear, you need to create the remote repo first on GitHub: pushing to a non-existing repo would generate that error.

Typically, an ssh url not working means said URL is not written the way ssh expects it.
And ssh might expect a different URL because of an ssh config file in ~/.ssh/config.

I run commands with sudo and check repo multiple times.

You did not run your ssh git@github.com with sudi, which means you also don't need sudo for your push commands.

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