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Filtering Logcat Logs on commandline

public static final TAG = "Legendry Eagle";

Issue: I want to see logs of
"Legendry Eagle"
from the commandline.

I tried:

adb logcat -s "Legendry Eagle"
adb logcat -s <Legendry Eagle>

But Still it is not working.

Ole Ole
Answer Source

If you only want to show logcat for a specific TAG, do it like this:

adb logcat YourTAGHere:Priority *:S

The *:S is important, as it sets all other tags to silent. If I want to track only my MainActivity tag at Verbose level, the syntax would look like this.

adb logcat MainActivity:V *:S

Edit: I found no good way of filtering out tags with spaces. LegendryEagle works fine, but I was not able to filter out Legendry Eagle

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