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How to "talk" with a bot framework from code?

I have a bot framework published on Azure that is working fine, according to my emulator. I developed this bot to use it on the app (Xamarin) that I am developing (C#). However, I don't know how to communicate with my bot. I need someway to send "strings" and get the "strings" answered by the bot. How can I establish a connection and a conversation with my bot?

Any code tutorial available?

My bot is published on .

Thank you in advance!

Answer Source

I think that you will have to use the Direct Line API.

The Direct Line API is a simple REST API for connecting directly to a single bot. This API is intended for developers writing their own client applications, web chat controls, mobile apps, or service-to-service applications that will talk to their bot

Here you will find a sample showing how to create a DirectLine client.

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