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Laravel 5.2: Empty cookie

I am not able to get the result from a cookie, which I set in my custom middleware:

public function handle($request, Closure $next)

Cookie::queue('MyTestCookie', 'test', 45000);
return $next($request);

After that I call Cookie::get('MyTestCookie'); - the result is [ ]

Where I am doing it wrong?

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Short Answer:

You can't access the cookie on the same request where you set it.

A little explanation:

The basic workflow is that, you set a cookie, this will be attached with the response. When the response sent back to the browser, it'll be stored in the browser. Then, on the next subsequent request, the browser'll attach the cookie with the request and you can get the cookie from the request.

Regarding Cookie::queue method in Laravel, actually the queue method allows you to create a cookie even without having/creating a response but ultimately, the queued cookies are not attached immediately with the response because the response is created at the last moment of your script execution. So, queued cookies are stored somewhere (CookieJar handles it) and when the framework sends the response, it checks if there is any queued cookies available and if there are any then the framework attaches each queued cookies using a loop within the AddQueuedCookiesToResponse middleware, which is:

public function handle($request, Closure $next)
    $response = $next($request);

    foreach ($this->cookies->getQueuedCookies() as $cookie) {

    return $response;

This is an after middleware which runs (the handle method is called) after the request has been processed. So, you can't access the cookie on the same request where you set it.

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