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scons invocation error building AllJoyn for iOS

I'm trying to build AllJoyn for IOS using Xcode (5.1.1) on OSX Mavericks (10.9.3). I have followed all the steps posted here to the letter but keep getting a "Shell script invocation error", error: can't exec 'scons' (No such file or directory) on the last step in the instructions and cannot figure out how to resolve it, I have installed scons with homebrew and tried donloading and installing it manually but for some reason it can't find it. Any help would be much appreciated.

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I found a solution. Brady's comment was right, Xcode could not find scons.

In order to fix it, I changed the field for "Build Tool" under Target -> info, it originally had only "scons" as its value so I did a search for it in a terminal (which scons), and put the full path in the setting (in my case "/usr/local/bin/scons").

In addition to this issue, I had an issue with openssl not being found even after executing the command launchctl setenv OPENSSL_ROOT <path to top level folder of openssl> so under Build Settings I added a user-defined setting with the key "OPENSSL_ROOT" with the value of the full path to the openssl top level folder.

screenshot of Build Settings with OPENSSL_ROOT key

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