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How get path to secondary external directory for Camera files

I have a device with an SD card. Now I want to check that device has mounted an external SD card and can read files from the public DCIM folder. I know that I can use

, but this method returns only files, that is on primary external memory, not on the mounted SD card (Secondary external storage).

I found that
returns an element with index 1, for the secondary external storage, but this method gets files only for application sandbox (Android/data/packagename). So my question is how get path to secondary external path for public directory like DCIM?

Answer Source

I found solution, here is code snippet:

String strSDCardPath = System.getenv("SECONDARY_STORAGE");

if ((strSDCardPath == null) || (strSDCardPath.length() == 0)) {
     strSDCardPath = System.getenv("EXTERNAL_SDCARD_STORAGE");

//If may get a full path that is not the right one, even if we don't have the SD Card there. 
//We just need the "/mnt/extSdCard/" i.e and check if it's writable
if(strSDCardPath != null) {
     if (strSDCardPath.contains(":")) {
         strSDCardPath = strSDCardPath.substring(0,strSDCardPath.indexOf(":"));
      File externalFilePath = new File(strSDCardPath);

      if (externalFilePath.exists() && externalFilePath.canWrite()) {
          //do what you need here


For more details, read here: http://pietromaggi.com/2014/10/19/finding-the-sdcard-path-on-android-devices/

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