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BitTorrent Sync resets Device Name on restart

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS BitTorrent Sync version 1.3.106 server version

Each time I reset the computer the Device Name is reset to the BitTorrent Sync default generated name (I believe the default is "[Computer name] - Default Instance"). I use the web interface to set the Device Name.

I have looked at changing the config file manually, but it warns that it is overwritten every restart.

How can I set the Device Name in a way that the name will be saved, and/or how does one fix the web interface so that the Device Name is saved?

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Instead of using the web interface to try to name the instance, use the conf files.

Make a copy of the default conf file, and set options in there

cp /etc/btsync/debconf-default.conf /etc/btsync/[prefered conf name].conf

After setting the options you would like in /etc/btsync/[prefered conf name].conf make sure the user and or group that btsync runs as has at least read access. There are many ways to do this; I made the group of the conf file my btsync daemon group and turned on group read write access

chgrp btsync /etc/btsync/[prefered conf name].conf
chmod 060 /etc/btsync/[prefered conf name].conf

I only wanted 1 instance of btsync running, my new /etc/btsync/[prefered conf name].conf based one. You must edit /etc/default/btsync and add a line defining the one conf to run. The default is all conf in /etc/btsync (this may or may not include the defaults). Add this line to the file.

AUTOSTART="[prefered conf name]"

Restart the btsync service for the changes to take effect.

service btsync restart

Your instance of BitTorrent Sync may not be running as btsync. btsync is the default, but it is whatever you set it to at install. If you do not remember what it is it is in /etc/btsync/debconf-default.conf


is the user and


is the group

Answer based on info from this site.

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