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Disable sync for an entity with Simperium for iOS

I have an app with several

entities. Most of them must be synced but I need a couple of them to be just used as local entities (no sync for them). I tried to avoid adding simperiumKey and ghostData to the entities and let them inherit from
instead of
, but Simperium's framework crashes because it doesn't succeed to sync the entities. How can I disable sync for one or more entities?

Answer Source

Your initial approach was correct:

  • Entities that need sync'ing require to inherit from `SPManagedObject
  • Entities that don't need sync'ing can inherit directly from NSManagedObject

The framework shouldn't be crashing. Can you please post the crashlog so we can troubleshoot?

Please, feel free of opening an issue directly in our GitHub repository:

Thank you!

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